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7u One Day Schedule and Results


FD Legends 7u
Legends 7u (2)
FD Legends 6u

Schedule & Results

Sunday May 7th
10:00am Dodger

Legends Utley 14 v Legends 6u 0
11:15am Dodger
 Legends Utley 9 v Legends Fraher 6
12:30pm Dodger
Legends Fraher v Legends 6u

1st Place: 
2nd Place: 
3rd Place: 
Tournament Information

All times are subject to change due to weather or late starting times.  Upon arrival and no later than 30 minutes from the start of your first game, a representative from your team must check in at information/registration booth.

Time limit of 1 hour 40 minutes for all games except championship and 3rd-4th place game.Look for weather/information updates on or call 515-576-2851.

Seeding determined by:

Win/Loss Record

Head to Head (only if 2 teams)

Runs Allowed

Run Differential (max +/-8 per game)

Coin Toss

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