Fort Dodge Baseball Association Principles


Character Development 


The Fort Dodge Baseball Association provides an environment of competitive baseball that gives an opportunity for players to develop a respect for discipline, to see the merits of persistence and commitment, to understand the value of teamwork and develop the self-discipline, self-esteem and pride in being part of an outstanding program. 


Commitment to Teaching and Learning 


The Fort Dodge Baseball Association provides an uncompromising environment for the teaching and learning of the game of baseball that engages players to be advanced students of the game in knowledge and application. 




The Fort Dodge Baseball Association provides a program to enhance the player’s personal opportunity for the achievement of playing for their respective High School baseball teams. 




The Fort Dodge Baseball Association operates on the premise of a self-help/volunteerism attitude with player and parent groups setting the tone by example, providing inspiration and leadership, which earns the expanded community's trust to be supportive to the organization. 




The Fort Dodge Baseball Association, will, within its process, develop player character, which encompasses responsibility, accountability, sportsmanship, and cooperation toward the achievement of common goals through hard work, effore, and self-discipline. 




Fort Dodge Baseball Association Mission



The mission of the Fort Dodge Baseball Association is to use the vehicle of a challenging, competitive baseball program to help develop the character of young people in the Fort Dodge community. FDBA baseball strives to develop the talent of baseball players through a program of outstanding instruction that emphasizes both the skills of the game as well as the player’s commitment to learning and personal improvement. FDBA baseball seeks to develop young people who are both skilled in the game of baseball and better prepared for leadership in the community. 


Fort Dodge Baseball Association Team Effort


Quality coaching and parent involvement are keys to the success of our organization. Our coaching staff volunteers much time and expense to learn the latest and most effective coaching and practice techniques. These techniques are tailored to meet the skill level of each team and individual player. The player's skills are developed through supportive coaching, quality competition, and a positive family environment. FDBA parents provide added support and commitment to further enrich the development of our youth. Parents assist in practices and games, as well as helping with field maintenance, travel accommodations, and concessions. The, entire FDBA, family works together to promote an exciting and fulfilling baseball experience.