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FDBA Tournament Rules and Information

Aside from the below items, USSSA Rules apply. To view USSSA rules click here.



Registration deadline is the 2nd Wednesday before the tournament.

All seeding will be done at the registration deadline.


Please register on the website.  Teams will not be guaranteed a spot until their check for registration fees is received.


It is the desire of the Fort Dodge Baseball Association to have the schedule released and posted on the website by the weekend prior to the tournament.  We acknowledge that tournaments require a lot of planning by both coaches and parents.  It is our hope that releasing the schedule early will allow adequate time for teams and parents to make arrangements for hotels, rides, etc.


The FDBA reserves the right to alter schedules at anytime.






Pool Play -

Ties at the end of time limits in pool play games will end as ties.


Championship Bracket Play -

Ties at the end of time limits in bracket play will automatically trigger the California Rule:




If the game is tied after the time limits have expired, teams will play additional inning(s) with the following rule:

  • Each team will place the last two players who batted from the line-up the previous inning on 2nd and 3rd base (last batter on 2nd base and 2nd to last batter on 3rd base). 

  • The inning will start with one out. 

  • The game will continue with this format until a winner is declared.

  • This rule is not in effect for the championship game only




Pool play - coin toss will determine home team.

Bracket play - Higher Seed will be home team.




All teams should pick up a pitching card upon registering.  Upon completion of the game, the pitching card should be signed by both coaches and returned to the Tournament Director.  At that time a new pitch card will be given to the team.


Pitching limits are as follows:



*Outs count as 1/3 of an inning.  If a pitcher were to throw any number of pitches without recording an out, it would not be counted as anything.

**In the event your team does not turn in a pitching card for your game, but your opponent has, then their record of innings pitched for your team will dictate.




Teams may bat a standard 9 players,9 players plus an extra hitter, or the full lineup.



Tie breakers are determined in the following order:

  • Head to head (unless 3+ teams then head to head is thrown out - if thrown out then head to head cannot be invoked again)

  • Runs Allowed (Descending)

  • Run Differential (Descending with max of +/- 8 per game)

  • Coin Toss



If a tournament age group is completely cancelled prior to Tournament:

Full Refund to all teams.


3 Game guarantees (Meaning 2 games of pool play on Saturday and 1 bracket game on Sunday guaranteed weather permitting):


If 0 games started: Full refund minus $100 administrative fee

If 1 game started: 50% of both entry and gate fee refunded.

If 2 games started: No refunds.


2 Game guarantees:


If 0 games started: Full refund minus $100 administrative fee

If 1 game started: 25% refund

If 2 games started: No refund


Team withdrawal prior to registration deadline: Full refund


Team withdrawal after registration deadline: No refund



FDBA may offer credits toward future FDBA Tournaments at it's discretion in the event of cancellations.

COVID/HEALTH CANCELLATIONS: The FDBA will take every responsible step in association with national, state, local, and USSSA mandates/rules/guidelines to have all events go on as scheduled. Player safety is always our FIRST priority. Any cancellations of divisions or entire tournaments as a result of COVID-19 or other health pandemic will result in a full refund for teams. Because of scheduling, we will make every effort to make announcements at least 2 weeks in advance.

Teams that choose to withdraw from FDBA tournaments due to COVID-19 concerns will follow the regular refund policy of the FDBA.




The FDBA will try it's best to continue with play in the event of bad weather.  However, the FDBA reserves the right to alter tournament scheduling and format in order to accommodate changes due to weather.

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