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Decker Arena - Home of the Bat Cave

2016 - Out of the ashes...



The Bat Cave was founded in 2005 by loyal members of the Fort Dodge Baseball Association who sought to provide stability and growth for the future of baseball in Fort Dodge. However, the Bat Cave wasn't just about baseball. It also provided a place to create and foster life-long relationships players, parents, and coaches in the community.







On January 18, 2016, a fire started in an adjacent building. As a result of smoke, heat, and water damage, the Bat Cave was essentially a complete loss. Baseballs, bats, pitching machines, netting, turf, etc were all lost.








The current members of the FDBA were not about to let the vision of the original members get lost with the fire. Instead, members rose to the occasion and set in place a plan for a new Bat Cave. Throughout the following months that plan became a reality as Don Decker and Decker Truck Line gratiously donated a 10,000 sq. ft. building for use as a new Bat Cave. Thanks to Mr. Deckers renowned generosity, a new facility for the children of Fort Dodge within the year was a reality.








Community support for this project has been overwhelming. Businesses and individuals throughout the area have stepped up to the plate for these young athletes. Through the help of initial monetary and in-kind donations, the renovation of the facility has already started.








There is a lot of work left to do. That's where we need your help. The estimated total cost of renovations is around $90,000. Because prior members of the Association kept a keen eye on finances, the FDBA is able to jump start the renovations by investing $30,000 into itself. Members have already donated countless hours towards this project and pledge to continue to work until we once again have an indoor hitting facility for the youth of Fort Dodge.






The Fort Dodge Baseball Association is a community minded organization. Every dollar raised by the FDBA, through tournaments, yearly fundraisers, or for this project, goes directly toward the benefit of the children in Fort Dodge. Fort Dodge is full of community minded and giving businesses and individuals like yourself. Can you help out by donating today?

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