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2018 NCIB Spring Schedule

Location Code:
(W) - Wrigley @ Harlan
(Y) - Yankee @ Harlan
(SL) - Storm Lake
March 11, 2018
Cancelled Due to Wet Grounds
FD3 vs. SE-V (W)
WC vs WB-M (Y)
SL vs. FD1 (SL)
FD4 vs Poc. 1 (W)
Carr. vs. Garr. (Y)
SL vs. FD2 (SL)
4:00 pm
Poc. 2 vs. SE (W)
March 18, 2018
Games in Fort Dodge cancelled due to wet grounds.
Poc. 1 vs. Garr. (W)
FD1 vs WB-M (Y)
SL vs. FD3 (SL)
Poc. 2 vs WC (W)
FD2 vs. Carr. (Y)
SL vs. FD4 (SL)
4:00 pm
SE-V vs. SE (W)
March 31, 2018 - Saturday
All games will be played at the Crimmins Building in Fort Dodge.
1142 14th St. SW Fort Dodge
12:30 PM
*SE-V vs. SE 
1:30 PM
*FD2 vs. Carr.
2:30 PM
*FD3 Vs WB-M
3:30 PM
*FD4 vs. SL
* Denotes which team will pitch first. 
April 15, 2018
All Games Have Been Cancelled due to Weather and Travel Conditions.
1:00 PM
SE-V vs. WC
2:00 PM 
Poc. 2 vs. Garr.
3:00 PM
Poc. 1 vs. Carr.
4:00 PM
SE vs. WB-M (SL)
April 2, 2018 - Monday
SL vs. Garr. (SL)
April 22, 2018
All games will be played at Dodger Stadium on the turf.
Poc. 2 vs. FD4
11:00 am
Poc. 1 vs. Carr.
SE-V vs FD2
3:00 pm
FD3 vs. WC
WB-M vs. SE
March 25, 2018
All games are cancelled due to weather!
All Games will be played at Dodger Stadium on the turf other than SL Vs. Poc. 1 & 2.
FD3 vs. WC 
SL vs. Poc. 1 & 2 (SL)
11:45 am
FD4 vs SE-V 
1:30 PM
Garr Vs WB-M
3:15 PM
4:45 PM
FD2 VS Carr.
April 8, 2018
WC vs. FD3
WB-M vs. SE vs FD2
We will explain this set up when we get to the Crimmins Building.
April 28, 2018 - Saturday
Games in Fort Dodge will be played on Wrigley at Harlan Rogers.
Poc. 1 vs. SL (SL)
SE vs FD3 (W)
11:30 am
SE-V vs FD3 (W)
12:00 pm
Poc. 2 vs WB-M (SL)
WC vs FD2 (W)
Carr. vs. FD4 (*In Carroll*)
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