7u One Day Schedule and Results


#1 Clarinda Junior A's
#2 FD Legends
#3 LoMa Panthers

Schedule & Results

12:00am Dodger
Junior A's 11 v. Legends 3
2:00pm Dodger
Legends 4 v. Panthers 17
4:00pm Dodger
Panthers 11 v. Junior A's 8
1st Place: LoMa Panthers
2nd Place: Clarinda Junior A's
3rd Place: FD Legends
Tournament Information

All times are subject to change due to weather or late starting times.  Upon arrival and no later than 30 minutes from the start of your first game, a representative from your team must check in at information/registration booth.

Time limit of 1 hour 40 minutes for all games except championship and 3rd-4th place game.Look for weather/information updates on www.fdbaseball.com or call 515-576-2851.

Seeding determined by:

Win/Loss Record

Head to Head (only if 2 teams)

Runs Allowed

Run Differential (max +/-8 per game)

Coin Toss